Window Cleaning

From houses to retail units to multi-storey office blocks through to business parks, hospitals or schools,Hotwash Windows delivers outstanding results using the very latest technology in Pure Water cleaning.

This relatively new method of window cleaning has revolutionised the industry as its many benefits far outweigh other methods.

Not only can we guarantee a superior and longer lasting clean than soap based methods but it is also quicker and safer as our telescopic brushes can clean windows up to a height of 60 feet without the need for ladders, cradles or expensive high access equipment.

Main benefits:

  • Uses 100% pure graded heated water – no sticky soap residue for pollution or dust to hang on to.
  • Cleans up to 60 feet (6 floors).
  • Cleans windows, glass roofs, signs, atria, panelling, skylights, canopies and facades with ease.
  • Cleans frames at the same time as it cleans the glass at no extra cost.
  • Eliminates the use of ladders.
  • Eliminates the need for expensive and hazardous high access equipment.
  • Operators work from the safety of the ground (100% safe).
  • Reaches previously inaccessible windows with ease.
  • Easily reaches windows over obstructions such as cars, lawns or flower beds.
  • Environmentally friendly as no chemicals are used.
  • Maintains privacy with reduced disturbances.


We are happy to be able to provide the most affordable window cleaning rates in the West Midlands area. We know that the bottom line matters when taking on new expenses, so we do our best to make sure that our window cleaning prices are the most competitive in the market while still allowing us to continue to provide the highest quality service delivered by the most competent window cleaning professionals in the business.

Take a look at our prices for yourself and you will see that the value for the grade of service we offer can be matched by no other window cleaner company.

Window Cleaning Prices

  • Flat -from £10
  • Terraced Property – from £12
  • Semi-detached Property – from £15
  • Detached Property – from £17
  • Front of the House Only – from £5
  • Conservatory Cleaning – from £25

Covering the whole of the midlands

We cover all of the midlands with our residential and domestic cleaning services.

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