Solar Panel Cleaning

Do your solar panels look dirty? Are they starting to work less effectively? Would you like your panels to be cleaned with de-ionized water that leaves them smear and spot free? Then Hotwash Windows’ solar panel cleaning experts safely clean your panels for you. We’ll use soft-bristled brushes to ensure all dust and dirt is gently lifted from the panels, and jets of pure water will rinse the surfaces clean. Our eco- friendly organic cleaning solutions leave no residues, so you can be sure of a clean that will maximise and maintain the efficiency of your solar panels.


The team of professionals are all highly trained in the use of the most modern equipment – this allows us to reach the panels without the need to walk on your roof. We’re also all fully insured. Let the specialists visit you on a regular basis to ensure your solar panels continue to function at their optimum output.


Covering the whole of the midlands

We cover all of the midlands with our residential and domestic cleaning services.

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